Bar & Lounge

Enter into the World of Absolute Fluidity!

Opulently loaded with the legendary wines to the scotch of heritage value, the Bar & Lounge welcomes till late evening. Hold your breath while you are about to view the grandly adorned floor to ceiling wall display of heavenly spirits. You name it and its there!

Being one of the most celebrated leisure hotels in Gurgaon, Ramada takes pride in having one of the best lounge in Gurgaon. It makes sure that its guests unwind themselves while the spiritual fragrance gets infused within their system. With the high-end corporate Wi-Fi environment and a big and bold LCD screen, the vibrant cellar jives up with the musical waves from the atrium lounge. Feel yourself as you gradually move into trance and your senses enter into an entirely new world, making you feel elated and ecstatic. The hotel has left no stone unturned in making this section as one of the most reputed lounges in Gurgaon.

Just relax and feel the magic of your bartender’s hands and his mystical sense for exotic cocktails and mocktails. As you hold the delicate stem of your glass, the magic starts!

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